Name something a person sitting next to you at a bar might do to annoy you.


Name an excuse people give for not eating healthy.


Name a type of brownie.


Where might a man sleep if his wife is snoring?

What do people test perfume on before deciding to buy it?


Name something kids love to eat that adults like, too.


Name something you would probably have to do a lot if you were a supermodel.


Farmers Insurance blimp on Farmville

You should of gotten one in your gift box the other day on Farmville. The blimp will protect your crops from withering until October 28th! Make good use of it.

Name an animal you might see on a Christmas sweater.

Name a department you'd find at a home improvement store.


Which show might you see a man on that would cause you to cancel your date with them immediately?


Name something a little kid might tell you about Santa Claus.


Name the easiest household chore.

What might your partner do in their sleep that keeps you awake?


Mafia Wars masks up just in time for Halloween!

Ever wanted to look like the President? No? Well Zynga has released masks of the last three anyway! Send and receive them to your mafia for items. You might even get the grand prize, a machine gun with pretty good stats!

Unfortunately it doesn't look like you really get to rob with them. Oh well.